Transom windows, Garden Windows, Double Hung Windows

3 Types of House Windows no homeowner does confuse
Well, every homeowner has to know three types of house windows:
Transom windows for Hall,

Double Hung Windows for Main rooms,
Garden Windows for the Kitchen (smt. not only for the Kitchen).

Transom windowsA window above a door; with an exterior door the transom window is often fixed, if an interior door Transom windows can open and provide ventilation.

Transom windows are especially valuable in warm climates, since they serve as a light source that is shaded from hot sun and are efficient releasing rising warm interior air.

Operable Transom windows for exterior doors are often hard to find locally.

Double-Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows are very popular in America today because of their functionality. Both sashes of the Double Hung windows move up or down within the frame. Bottom half can be raised and upper section can be lowered.

Both upper and lower sash of Double Hung windows may be opened to provide ventilation.

Sliding sashes of Double Hung windows are often difficult to seal, esp. of the older windows.
If the upper half of Double Hung windows slides down, a pair of tensioners for window sashes will be needed.

Garden Windows
(AKA green house windows)
Garden windows of quality are well insulated at the seat board. They have insulated glass with low E so that growing plants will not be a headache. High-quality garden windows do not leak as long as installed properly nor do casement sashes leak when closed and locked.

Garden windows make rooms look larger and lighter.
Garden windows allow growing plants in winter time, esp. if a window faces south or west.

Garden windows may not fit into architectural style of a house.
Insulated Garden windows may have a considered weight.


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Double fenêtres à guillotine sont très populaires en Amérique aujourd'hui en raison de leur fonctionnalité. Les deux volets des fenêtres à guillotine se déplacent vers le haut ou vers le bas dans le cadre. Partie inférieure peut être soulevée et la partie supérieure peut être abaissée.

Les deux châssis supérieur et inférieur de fenêtres à guillotine peut être ouvert pour assurer la ventilation.

Châssis coulissants de fenêtres à guillotine sont souvent difficiles à sceller, esp. des vieilles fenêtres.
Si la moitié supérieure de la double Hung fenêtres glisse vers le bas, une paire de tendeurs pour des châssis de fenêtres sera nécessaire.

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